Our hospitals offer in-house veterinary laboratories, with access to specialty laboratories for advanced testing needs and daily courier service. This progressive approach provides our patients with the finest in diagnostic testing.

​When performing wellness examinations or diagnosing an illness, what our veterinarians can’t see is as important, if not more important, than what they can. Our complete, state-of-the art diagnostic laboratory allows us to measure almost 100 laboratory values, with results often available in a few minutes. This comprehensive laboratory testing provides information about your pet’s overall systemic health without the need for invasive, expensive procedures. We also work with several outside laboratories should your pet require specialized testing.

Our in-house diagnostic laboratory allows us to perform blood-chemistry panels, complete blood counts, Heartworm and tick-borne disease testing, urinalysis, urine cultures, cytology and more. Without timely access to these test results, it would be difficult to make an accurate diagnosis or assessment of your pet’s health.

Sometimes test results can be difficult to understand. When your veterinarian discusses them with you, feel free to use the sheet below to help you better comprehend what we are looking for with each test and why.

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